Homeless Today Famous tomorrow is a new unique TV show / documentary which will hopefully make us realise that, the people living on our streets are human beings and many have had careers from musicians to web developers; Actors to Engineer’s. Teachers to Ex-Military; The one thing all these people have in common is that they never ever thought they would be homeless.

At one stage many of these people had ambition and working to a bright future ahead. Things happen in the course of your life and if you make that wrong move.... “it could be you...”

Featuring real people with genuine talent and knowledge, who have lived real lives; yet through unfortunate circumstances have become homeless, penniless and sleeping under the stars, fighting each day to survive on the streets near you. Together we can try to end homelessness and offer some of these very real people a new lease of life. Hear the amazing stories of some of these very unique people.

Together we can do this.

We hope to offer a life changing opportunities and set an example to the youth of today !!

'Homeless Today, Famous Tomorrow'